Pixie Colbert

Technical Director and Designer


A Little Bit About Me

         Since I was a little girl; I have been involved with theatre. At first I tied myself as a performer; then in 2006 chance made me pick up a paintbrush while venturing through a theatre; following the tune of a well-liked song playing onstage... I never turned back.

         Throughout my career in theatre, I've gained experience in a lot of different areas. Some of my theatrical skills include: crew management, hand-drafting and Computer Aided Design (CAD), technical direction, carpentry, properties, scenic design, audio engineering, and sound design. I enjoy doing just about anything in the realm of theatre and I like to be engaged and involved. I also have a lot of experience with single day load-in, event set up, and strike. Whether I'm taking on a design in a show or just working for a day, I look at each experience as a way to learn something new or to share my knowledge with a new comrade. I was once told when you enjoy what you do, you'll never work a day in your life. I keep this positive mindset while appreciating how fortunate I am to have been able to follow my dreams and grow into the theatrical professional I am today and look forward to what the future has to hold!



*I currently serve in a Production Management position at the Kelly Strayhorn Theater.

*I am seeking a full time position which will utilize my management expertise and creative mind.

*Ultimately, my goal is to create and manage an immersive attraction. 

*I stay in touch with my performance side as Mr. Ace Phoenix, Pittsburgh Drag King.

Personal Project information 

*I'm constructing an organic-themed bed frame intended to look like intertwined deco branches on the headboard and footboard.

*Through my personal projects, I'm exploring interior design elements as time permits. 

*I am working to utilize free pallets into beautiful pieces of furniture and art.

*I'm continuously researching and developing unique and creative storage solutions.

*Feel free to inquire about any custom art or furniture you would like.

Updated: 4-17-16